Mijori is a New York born and raised artist who focuses on raw unapologetic energy. As a singer-songwriter at heart as well as a spoken word artist, MC and self-taught guitarist, her modes of expression take on extensions of herself feeding the strong craving to connect with those who have not yet been given the light to share their story. Her style of music is inspired by a unique mix of R&B, Neo Soul, and Jazz with a hint of Motown and Hip Hop, allowing the means to connect deeply through sound, struggle and joy. Through her work, she composes her music within the world she wants to see - one that is honest, light and free.

Mijori strove to cultivate positive community through artistic expression from an early age. From being given the garden to blossom while taking performing arts in high school, she went on to study Communication and Design at The New York City College Of Technology, while also leading the University’s Music Club and performing in and out of state. Both worlds allow Mijori to connect her two passions and give her the means to further answer life's question as a creator: “What is my purpose?”.

As your vocal coach as well as your artist coach, Mijori aims to strengthen not only your voice, but how you see yourself as an artist, brand, creator or someone with the potential to express their truth. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned vocalist, she holds her space with the intention to allow the process of making mistakes and form a better understanding of how to build on who you already are or who you dream to be through the art of self-forgiveness and self care.