Chéri Yielle is a Haitian-American singer and songwriter hailing from Long Island, New York. Impacted heavily by the melodic voices of Sade, Alicia Keys, and Lauryn Hill, Chéri boasts a dynamic, contemporary Pop/R&B sound that she calls "Pop/Alternative/Soul". Her music is recognized for the high-rise quality of her production, truthful lyrics, and soothing formula of reverb, harmony, and warm vocal performance. Chéri’s vast range of influences, along with her emotionally-charged writing and vocal performance, come together to create a distinct style that is naturally and freely her own. 

While songwriting and producing her own instrumentals, Chéri speaks her truth to her audience directly. Her first EP, titled “Surrender”, was released on her father’s birthday: June 27, 2019.

Upon graduating from Molloy College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Therapy, Chéri developed her passion for seeing others learn and grow as musicians and artists. Chéri enjoys developing the songwriter in every creative and fostering creativity and confidence in others by establishing a foundation in keyboard and music theory skills. Vocal students from all ages at the beginner or beginner-intermediate level are encouraged to work with Chéri. Anyone who works with Chéri will find a motivating, caring, insightful indie-coach. 

Chéri aims to use her knowledge and experience in piano, music theory, and songwriting to build creative tool boxes for producers, songwriters, and anyone else who wants to make good music.